Yes, all the WizarPOS devices support NFC contactless payments. These devices are certified by Visa payWave, MasterCard payPass, Amex expresspay, Discover D-PAS and JCB J-Speedy. They also support Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


Yes, PIN-on-glass is secure enough to protect the cardholder’s PIN as long as the device is certified under PCI PTS. The fraud liability will be shifted from merchants to card organizations in case there is any security breach.


Yes, but only if this Android POS is certified under PCI PTS, which is governed by PCI Security Standard Council https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/, backed by all global payment card organizations. The primary goal of PCI SSC is to protect the Debit/Credit card data.

WizarPOS’s Q1 terminal is one of the world first PCI PTS certified Android POS.

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