Vietnam Smart Payment Solution Joint Stock Company (SmartPayVN .,JSC) is a company operating in the electronic payment industry in Vietnam. As a joint stock company, we follows the regulations and guidelines outlined in the Enterprise Law of Vietnam.

With a team of experienced staff in the field of electronic payment devices, SmartPayVN .,JSC aims to offer high-quality products in the market while keeping them affordable and up-to-date with the latest technology trends. Your payment terminal business operates under the brand name BMPOS.

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Experienced Personnel

BMPOS boasts a team of highly experienced members, with each individual having accumulated 10 to 20 years of valuable expertise in the payment industry, both domestically and internationally

Determination and Resoluteness

BMPOS's core strength lies in its unwavering commitment and professionalism towards the development of POS devices and the pursuit of advancements in non-cash payment solutions

Investment for Market Leadership

BMPOS is fully committed to investing in the construction of software and hardware systems, as well as conducting rigorous testing with banks and service providers. This dedication aims to achieve the goal of becoming a market leader

Support and Collaboration with Partners

In addition to its internal workforce, BMPOS maintains close-knit relationships with trusted partners. This collaboration ensures accurate and swift resolutions to various challenges

How does WizarPOS product or solution work for clients, partners, or developers?

Pain points of the non-smart POS

Bank cards only payment method lacks convenience and personalized experiences.

Merchant hardware and POS software are running locally and disconnected most of the time rather than on the cloud, which creates obstacles to real-time and remote management of devices and data.

A non-smart POS scheme causes siloed information among transactions, inventory, and membership systems, therefore, resulting in hurdles of integration, sharing, synchronization, and management, all of which further lead to operational inefficiency and blind spots.

BMPOS Solution


Android-based applications are 5-10 times quicker and cheaper to develop, deploy and update than their non-Android counterparts.


A transdisciplinary application framework manages EMV, security, data, keys, and workflow to empower one-button integration and synchronization.


A cloud-based management platform monitors, upgrades, syncs, and manages devices remotely in real-time.